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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prayer against marital arrest!

Prayer against marital arrest!
Please,pray these prayer points as if your life depends on them.

Prayer points:
1. You evil decree into my marital destiny,be nullified in the
name of Jesus!
2. You evil stone rolled against my God-ordained spouse,scatter in Jesus’ name.
3. You evil cage holding my life partner captive,break and release him/her in the name of Jesus.
4. You evil chain holding down my marriage,break and set it loose in the name of Jesus.
5. You evil grave stomaching my marriage,open up and vomit it to me in Jesus name.
6. You satanic wall of Jericho serving as a barrier to my marriage,fall down and scatter by fire in Jesus’ name.
7. You evil hand stretched towards my marriage,whither in the name of Jesus.
8. You my Godly souse original,appear and locate me by fire in the name of Jesus.
9. Evil arrows fired into my marital destiny,come out and die in Jesus’ name.
10. You enemy ambush against my marital destiny,die in the name of Jesus.
11. Foundational marital patterns projecting into my life,die in the mighty name of Jesus.
12. Ancestral altars crying out against my marital destiny,die in the name of Jesus.
13. (Please pray this one with all your strength for at least 5 minutes)My marital destiny sold and bought by witchcraft powers,be retrieved by fire in the name of Jesus.
14. You spiritual cob web that has trapped my marital destiny,catch fire in Jesus´ name.
By: Emmanuel and Blessing Agbo

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