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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faulty marital foundations (2).

Faulty marital foundations (2).
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Pretence,insincerity,lies. (Proverbs 12:22)´´The Lord detests lying lips, but delights in those who are truthful.´´ It´s important to note that the glue to your
marriage is openness and honesty. Your marriage is the one place that there should never be dishonesty. Never hide things from your spouse (text messages, email,
passwords, etc). When you are unwilling to share these things, it’s a sign that something is NOT right.” Marriage is about intimacy, and dishonesty kills intimacy. Be open and honest, it’s one of the greatest things you can do in marriage. If you are in a situation whereby each time you tell a ´´tale´´,it is worse and more un-reconcileable with real-life situations than the first,you are on the fastest lane towards ruining your marriage! As the saying goes,once bitten,twice shy. A man who often gets mis-informed by a source is less likely to turn to the same source for more information in the future. If you don´t catch my gist,I´m quite frankly talking about a permanent injury to marital confidence here. And a marriage without confidence equals a dangling or temporary marriage. At best it is a marriage of convenience!
Material considerations. A number of people contract marriage with a wrong partner based on material considerations like ;finance,status,wrong determination to get married etc. They get married to someone because they have the illusion that the person is rich! Most times,as soon as such a relationship graduates into marriage,he/she realizes that the other supposedly rich partner was not rich afterall - was only an illusion! Resentment therefore start to grow. Some people simply get hooked up to any available partner because they are tired of being single and people around them are scornful towards their single status. Such a partner would marry at the slightest dangling of the marriage carrot before his/her face,while still remaining loyal to a man/woman she/he loved who rejected him/her earlier. Any marriage founded on these notions instead of love as the foundation would definitely not stand the test of time; once the material illussion is no more there, it would crumble.
Partner´s background. (Psalm 11:3) ´´If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?´´The backgrounds - both family and upbringing - of your partner matters a lot in determining the strenght of the foundation of a marriage. If the family backgroung of your partner suggests a long history of matrimonial failures,it definitely means that if you decide to go ahead and marry such a partner before sorting out the root causes of the occurence,you should be getting ready to tackle a failed marriage. His or her background could also be one in which the partner grew up not being taught to respect the sanctity of matrimony. Such a man or woman would most definitely end up engaging in flirting or other extra-marital activities which he or she was simply brought up not to see anything wrong with. In such a case,every plea in order to make him or her see reasons would fall on deaf ears because he or she is trained to know the wrong things to be right.
We pray that God would meet you at your point of need on this blog with ample testimonies concerning stubborn issues in your marriage, in Jesus´ name. AMEN!
God bless you.
By: Emmanuel and Blessing Agbo.

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